Wireless / Batteryless Switch Controls

Breakthrough Technology from NASA Space Research
That’s Earned a 99% Customer Satisfaction Rate!

Install Switches in a Fraction of the Time
… at a Fraction of the Cost

A Quick Introduction to the Lightning Switch®

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With the patented Lightning Switch, you can install controls for lights and appliances in minutes… while saving as much as 70% to 80% of the installed cost of regular wired switches. Incredibly, these revolutionary remote control switches can work for decades… AND THEY NEVER NEED BATTERIES!

Lightning Switch System Basics

Lightning® wireless Transmitters (the switch controls) use NASA space technology to generate their own electricity whenever the Transmitter button is pushed. Their radio signals go 50 ft. to 100+ ft. right through walls, floors and ceilings.

How Does It Work Without Batteries?

You can use as many as you like without any worries about interference with or from any other remote controls such as garage door openers, TV remotes, and remote controls from other manufacturers.

And using the Lightning® System Extender… transmission range within a building or compact complex of buildings is unlimited. The System Extender offers a boost for your entire system whether you have 2 products or 100 products! In renovation and remodeling projects, Lightning Switches save $100s or $1,000s per switch because they require no wires to the switch, no demolition, no patching, no re-painting & no hassle!