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Technical Data, Instructions & Warranty

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Technical Data Sheets for Lightning Products
Lightning Switch Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
Lightning Switch Catalog #C19
Basic Instructions for Operating Lightning Switch Transmitters & Receivers
Installation Instructions for 110-120V Wire-In Receivers
Wiring Diagram for 110-120V Wire-In Receivers
Wiring Diagram for 12V Wire-In Receivers
How to Use a Relay with a Lightning Switch Receiver
Lightning Switch Warranty

How Does It Work Without Batteries?

The Lightning Transmitter converts the mechanical action of pushing its button into enough electricity to send a coded radio frequency signal to the Receiver. With Evergreen Power®, our transmitters never need batteries.


Pushing the Transmitter button “plucks” a piezoelectric element called Lightning — originally developed by NASA and used on the International Space Station. It’s Lightning that generates the electricity. That’s why Lightning remote controls never need batteries. In normal home use, they can work for decades and never “wear out” and never “get weaker”.

Selected Lightning Switch patents and patent applications.