PulseSwitch Systems, LC, a Face® Company, presents

FCC, CE and MIC Certified

Lightning Switch® is suspending sales during a planned model changeover.  We expect to resume sales in 2019. We remain available for warranty and service inquiries.

The Lightning Switch® is a wireless remote control switch for lights and appliances that works without batteries!

It uses a Lightning® piezoelectric generator, a Face® Evergreen Harvester® technology, to transform the mechanical energy of pushing the light switch into enough electricity to make its batteryless performance possible.

Lightning Switch® is particularly economical in renovation projects where it eliminates the need to cut into plaster, sheet rock, tile or even old, asbestos laden walls or ceilings. It also saves systems labor costs in new construction.

It is environmentally friendly since there is no need to dispose of old wiring or batteries.

Features Lightning Switch® remotely controls light fixtures and appliances

  • Wireless, battery-less energy harvesting technology
  • Incorporates the World’s most rugged and reliable piezoelectric technology

Applications Remote on/off of light fixtures, appliances etc.

  • Residential and commercial settings
  • Renovation and new construction

Benefits Substantial cost savings compared to conventional, wired switch systems

  • Ease and economy of installation
  • No need to run wires from fixture to switch and back
  • No need to cut into walls/ceilings
  • Avoids expensive retrofits in walled, tiled or asbestos laden environments
  • No special tools required, can be installed by homeowner

Environmentally friendly

  • Lightning® is an Evergreen® battery-less technology
  • That’s right, with Evergreen Energy®, there’s no need to change and dispose of batteries
  • That’s why we say: Evergreen changes everything™

Convenience of operation

  • Lightning® transmitters can be located anywhere, attached to a wall, desk or loose as a remote control
  • Lightning® receivers can be used with plugged in or hard wired fixtures/appliances
  • 10 year warranty
  • Excellent customer support